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Expose’ from Australian independent


The beginnings of the death of Japan as a habitable nation….. please pin.. recriticality again at fuku…

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recriticality as we may guess could be either localised or water table connection… whatever the case, this is like another nuke bomb taking place near habbited areas, and the on going release of highly iradiated substances…

what those in the know, already knew….

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rice planting banned indefinately…

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nukes being reconsidered as a viable energy source

local seals in alaska still being investigated for radiation sickness (top end of the marine food chain)…..

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Road trip in Canada

Re: *** Fukushima*** and other nuclear—–updates and links

nice xmas spikes…..
6:46 am monday EST aus

.47 oregan
.47 la

accumulative effect?… under-rated…

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Quoting: citizenperth

…these are just notes on spikes based on 1 min samplings…over christmas…2457km road trip

.428 uSv/hr spike in Jasper park Can. Sun.

most edmonton to calgary running .21* – .31*…378(highest)uSv/hr over 4 days travel

about the same as in june when i was there
.. most of the interior is in the .25*…to .35* uSv/hr very steady now..was more spotty in june

still find pockets in the .09* area mostly small valleys
consider if this was now 24/365..

multiply those numbers by 24 hrs and 365 days to get a yearly exposure level
…then do some research on Chernobyls evacuation levels see how you feel about your exposure levels..

Just got back to van will post once i get some base line readings again…
for anyone that cares