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[Reference] Nobody listens to the speech of JP Ex-PM Kan/ the Fukushima Nomad

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This friend survives on donation alone and is the original ‘Fukushima Gypsy’
He spends his time moving around the world, and interprets the Japanese situation from many sources.
I personally had a 2 hour interview with him and am aware of his sincerity, as he evacuated from Fukushima.

(This is not an article, this is a reference. The source is merely a Japanese forum though the pictures are not fake.)

Japan is going to have the next election on 12/16.
The ex-Prime minister Kan has speeches on the street but the audience is miserably few.
He turned to be anti-nuclear. However, though he was the only one who could have decided to evacuate everyone, or shut down Fukushima plant somehow, he did not do neither of them.
Nobody listens to the speech of JP Ex-PM Kan
Nobody listens to the speech of JP Ex-PM Kan 2



Gov’t must do more to address people’s radiation fear: U.N. rep

By Kyoko Hasegawa

Gov't must do more to address people's radiation fear: U.N. repA boy is scanned for radiation after the tsunami hit the Japanese nuclear plantAFP

The Japanese government should do more to address fears over radiation in the area around Fukushima, a U.N. health expert said Monday, urging it to consult those affected by nuclear pollution.
Anand Grover, U.N. Special Rapporteur on the right to health, told reporters the government needed to depend less on experts and give more information directly to people living with nuclear fears.


The government’s initial threshold for evacuation of 20 millisieverts per year “conveyed the message that effective radiation doses up to” that level were safe.
He said the “inconsistency” between that limit and the 5-millisievert dose allowed around Chernobyl before mandatory resettlement after its nuclear catastrophe “created confusion among a significant number of the local population, who increasingly doubt government data and policy.”
Asked about how to clear up the confusion and reassure people, he urged the government not to rely too much on specialists. “I personally think experts know only part of the situation. Communities must be involved,” he said.

“As for internal radiation exposure… there is a view among scientists legitimately that there is no danger from exposure between zero and 100 millisieverts, but that is controversial,” he said. “The government has to err on the side of caution and be inclusive.”

Sad……… profoundly……


Fukushima conscription by volunteering?

In October, Tepco decided to send all the employees for Fukushima. This is mandatory and they have to go twice or three times a year.
However, this would be still not enough to take the human-wave tactics to decommission Fukushima plant.
What some of the Japanese people are afraid of is that the government impose the idea on people that going to Fukushima plant is patriotic. (meaning, un-patriotic people would not go to Fukushima plant.)
Japanese government took the same tactics during WWW2 to recruit students for army. People were called “Hikokumin (=Un-Japanese)” if they reject going to the battle field and oppose the war.
Japanese people tend to have strong group mind and they are very sensitive for peer pressure so this propaganda can easily control Japanese people.
They have already started sending high school students to the disaster area for clean up the debris etc..It’s likely that they make it a credit necessary to graduate from schools to go to Fukushima (plant).
In Chernobyl, 600,000 ~ 800,000 workers were conscripted to settle down the plant. Most of them are told to have already died.


Most Fukushima nuke plant workers ineligible for free cancer checks

Workers dispose of their protective gear at their base in Naraha, Fukushima Prefecture, after working at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant. (Asahi Shimbun file photo)

This is incredible……..

Workers dispose of their protective gear at their base in Naraha, Fukushima Prefecture, after working at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant. (Asahi Shimbun file photo)



Of the many thousands of workers who have risked radiation exposure at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, only a paltry 3.7 percent are eligible for free cancer screenings provided by the government and Tokyo Electric Power Co.

The percentage represents 904 people among 24,118 who have worked at the facility since the onset of the disaster in March 2011 to September this year.

The low rate is because the government and plant operator TEPCO limited the scope of free screenings to those who were exposed to radiation of more than 50 millisieverts between March 11, 2011, and mid-December 2011, when the central government announced that reactor meltdowns triggered by the magnitude-9.0 earthquake and tsunami were under control….

In September, it was found that total radiation exposure topped 50 millisieverts in 24 workers. But 22 of them, excluding two TEPCO employees who are covered by special measures, are not eligible for the free examinations…..

In August, TEPCO said free screenings would be expanded to workers exposed to more than 50 millisieverts by the time of the declaration. This made 663 workers eligible.

An additional measure was introduced that offers free checks to TEPCO employees engaged in specific work, if their exposure levels exceed 50 millisieverts after the declaration, adding 74 more to the eligible list.

In September alone, 27 people received radiation between 10-20 millisieverts at the plant….

Under the current system for free checks, workers are not eligible unless they have a figure exceeding 50 millisieverts.

Serious wrongdoing has emerged in relation to radiation exposure.

It turned out that some employees were forced to work without dosimeters and others were forced to use dosimeters covered by lead plates to keep readings low. That means there could be workers not eligible for free screenings who have actually received high doses.

cunning little stunts……


TEPCO release!… change wording to Nukes in Fuku as ‘abolished"

Alteration in the status of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Units 1-4

April 16, 2012
Tokyo Electric Power Company

Since the status of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant units 1-4 will be altered to “abolished” on April 19 2012, following our submission on March 30 2012 in accordance with the Electric Utility Industry Law article 9, we will alter the description of our website as follows:
* Our activating Nuclear Power Plants will be 13 Units from 0:00 am, April 20, 2012.

or.. how about ‘blown up’?……..

on top of that… Plutonium now located 15 km into sea……