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TEPCO Finishes Defueling Building On Unit 4, Plans To Remove Fuel In June

U4_sml_130529_41TEPCO has announced the completion of the frame for the unit 4 defueling building. The handout shows at least some of the outer steel skin is also installed. TEPCO also made the unusual statement that they would begin removing fuel next month.


Farmers resume planting rice near crippled Fukushima site.. to sell….


Farmers have resumed planting rice for market only 15 kilometers from Japan’s crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

It was the first time since the March 2011 earthquake-tsunami-nuclear disaster that farmers have gone inside the former 20-kilometer “no-go” zone around the doomed plant to sow rice intended for sale.

The zone has been redefined to let people access areas where the levels of radiation from the plant have been relatively low.

Tens of thousands of people remain unable to return to their homes.


The rice paddies are located in Miyakoji district where a few dozen farmers used to live before they were evacuated after the devastating quake and tsunami left the plant spewing radiation from its molten reactors.

All rice from the paddies will be checked for radioactive contamination before being shipped, said Onami.
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Re: Strict radiation reference levels shunned to stem Fukushima exodus and compensation :comment

Re: Strict radiation reference levels shunned to stem Fukushima exodus and compensation

I don’t think that Japan needs to worry about a population exodus as much as where they are going to bury everyone in a few years.

They want their people to stay so they can kill them at home
and if Tepco dicks around long enough, they’ll be dead before they have to compensate them anyway.

How can you possibly compensate somebody for radiating the crap out of their families and home?

How much is suffering a Leukemia death worth to you or having your children slowing being murdered or losing years off your lives and mutating the crap out of genes?

“Don’t worry dear, we’ll get you a nice scarf to cover up that scar where your Thyroid used to be”.

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UN expert urges help for Japan’s nuclear victims:

TOKYO (AP) — A United Nations expert who investigated the aftermath of Japan’s 2011 nuclear power plant disaster says the government and the operator of the facility should do more to help those affected by the catastrophe.

A report by special rapporteur Anand Grover, posted on the U.N. Human Rights Council’s website, says the government’s takeover of Tokyo Electric Power Co. allowed the utility to evade full responsibility for the nuclear disaster, the worst since Chernobyl.

The report points to problems with the handling of the crisis, including a difficult process for seeking compensation for radiation exposure, a lack of openness about health risks from radiation and inadequate protection for nuclear plant workers.

It urges Japan to improve its emergency preparedness and its handling of compensation claims.

Although TEPCO, the main power provider for the Tokyo region, was legally responsible for any liabilities from its nuclear operations, the government took over its management in the wake of the crisis.

That acquisition of a majority stake in the company “has arguably helped TEPCO to effectively avoid accountability and liability for damages,” forcing financial responsibility onto taxpayers, the U.N. report said.

[b]”As the contaminated waste is stored in residential areas and under playgrounds, thereby posing a health hazard to residents, establishing temporary storage facilities away from residential areas is urgently required,” the report says.[/b]

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