Reactor 5 pool without coolant system leaked its coolant water

Photo : Leaked SFP 5 water before pumped up.

According to Tepco, SFP 5 (Reactor5 Spent Fuel Pool) leaked its coolant water on 7/19/2014.

Unidentified water was found in 2 locations, where the coolant system valves are installed.
The Cobalt-60 density was 2,100,000 ~ 3,400,000 Bq/m3, which is the same as SFP 5 water. Tepco admitted the pool water leaked to the environment.
Tepco states the leaked volume was only 0.1 m3. Tepco cleaned the leaking area but the cause is not verified yet.

As Fukushima Diary has been reporting before (cf. Reactor 5 pool coolant system won’t get back on until August [URL]), SFP 5 still hasn’t got the coolant system back on.
Tepco is directing the “reactor’s” coolant system to the spent fuel pool occasionally.

At this moment, SFP 5 is out of coolant system and it’s even leaking the water outside for unidentified reason.

  Leaked SFP 5 water after pumped up


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