TEPCO completed 10th bypass release to the Pacific Ocean: 2401-2595 Million Bq

Total intentional Tritium release by Bypass as of July 14:
2401-2595 Million Bq

713July 13, 2014 73日採取 sampled on Julu 3

10th Bypass Release: 1,790 tons (1 ton= 907.185 kg)

Cs134 <0.65 (TEPCO) <0.75 (External lab)  

Cs137 <0.63 <0.71  

Beta <0.80 <0.59

Tritium 320 300 Total released amount: 487-519 million bq

July 10 sampled from Well 12 – 2100bq/kg

Video: Ground Water Bypass Release【福島第一原発】地下水バイパス排水状況 May 28 2014


(Credits to Troy Livingstone)


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