Spider Web Phenomenon Visible on Futaba Webcam

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The spiderweb phenomenon that has been documented in TEPCO webcam video and screenshots of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is now visible several miles away at an intersection watched by the Futaba cam.

The Futaba cam alternates between a view of the traffic intersection and a far-reaching view of Daiichi in the background:

The dark spot has remained for over an hour. I think its from the emissions visible in this screenshot from TEPCO webcam 1 (cam trained on unit 1): 
Please also note that spiderwebs are being captured in screenshots from the TEPCO 4 cam (cam trained on unit 4) today by Jec:


I don’t watch the Futaba cam as much as I do the two TEPCO cams and the TBS cam. The TBS cam has been turned off about 50% of the time recently. I think its because emissions have been so very high the last couple of months.

Increased radiation readings in Japanese sewage sludge and US air monitoring help corroborate webcam watchers’ observations and analyses. See the following:

Optimal Prediction
Latest Fukushima Plume is Not Going Away

Fukushima Diary
Radiation Level Spiked

US Air Radiation Surges Higher

Jec’s links of July emissions https://www.dropbox.com/s/frpkjb8mycqgkbm/japan%2008012014%202000%20TBS%201%20tilted.gif

My dropbox link for recent emissions


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