Lawsuit demands government release interview records with late Fukushima plant manager

Ten people filed a lawsuit on Wednesday demanding that the Japanese government disclose records of interviews conducted with the late manager at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant after the March 2011 nuclear disaster.

The plaintiffs claim that it is against the law for the government to refuse to disclose interview records with the late Masao Yoshida, conducted by its investigation panel on the disaster at the Tokyo Electric Power Co. plant.

According to the complaint filed with Tokyo District Court, the Cabinet Secretariat had declined the plaintiffs’ request for disclosure, claiming that the interviews were conducted on condition of nondisclosure.

The Cabinet Secretariat insisted that disclosing the records would undermine confidence in the investigation and make it harder to obtain the cooperation of people concerned about further investigations, according to the complaint.

The government intends to disclose interview records with 771 other people with first-person consent.

Speaking at a press conference after filing the suit, Yui Kimura, one of the plaintiffs, said it will only become possible to cope with the nuclear disaster after the records are released to the public for another review.

The Cabinet Secretariat said it will respond after it reads the complaint.


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