Plant chief thinks ‘very serious’ blast at Unit 3 NOT from hydrogen — Professor: Nuclear explosion can’t be ruled out due to plutonium in MOX fuel

August 26th, 2014

Classified Interviews: Multiple Fukushima reactors were melting down on first day of crisis, hours after quake — Plant chief thinks ‘very serious’ blast at Unit 3 NOT from hydrogen — Professor: Nuclear explosion can’t be ruled out due to plutonium in MOX fuel — TEPCO employees wouldn’t get within 50 km of reactors

Aug. 25, 2014 (emphasis added): Classified interviews with former Fukushima Daiichi chief

  • 0:30 in — Masao Yoshida, Manager at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant on 3/11: “Head office, head office, a very serious situation is occurring. The Number 3 reactor building has exploded, probably a steam blast.”
  • 1:00 in — NHK: Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant entered the critical phase on Mar. 11, 2011. Officials at the plant noticed late in the afternoon that the emergency cooling system was not working, but Yoshida wasn’t informed until late that night and the reactors had already started melting down. Yoshida: “I’m very regretful about this, we failed to establish a system to receive warnings from employees on time.”
  • 1:45 in — NHK: The following day Yoshida decided to inject seawater into the crippled No. 1 reactor to cool it down. TEPCO officials wanted to suspend the plan as they had yet to gain approval from the prime minister but the Yoshida defied that order. Yoshida: “I remember vividly TEPCO officials told me over the phone to stop right away, no arguments. But I decided not to follow the order because there were no rational reasons.” (See: Japan TV: Injecting water into Fukushima reactor accelerated meltdown)
  • 2:45 in — NHK: After radiation around the plant increased TEPCO, head office stopped delivering equipment — instead they dropped it off at the facility 50 kilometers away. Yoshida: “I had to dispatch workers to get those things I thought please do not disturb us with all this at this very crucial time.”
  • 3:30 in — NHK: The government plans to disclose almost all of Yoshida’s interviews as early as next month the recourse should be closely examined.
  • Watch the broadcast  here:

Fukushima – The truth behind the meltdown, ARTE (German TV), translated by



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