Fukushima city gov claimed for damage against Tepco due to the evacuation of the residents

September 3, 2014

Fukushima city government claimed for damage against Tepco, and Tepco accepted the settlement offer of Alternative Dispute Resolution to compensate 75 million yen.

Fukushima city government stated that they lost 85 million yen of profit from sewage service charge due to the evacuation of the residents in 2011. Fukushima city government plans to claim for damage also in 2012.

Fukushima Diary has been stating that evacuation would be the most efficient way to express the opinion to the authorities and also to give Tepco the pressure to pay the fees for public services and other related costs to another entity. By this case, it is proved that even a partial evacuation is able to give financial pressure to the municipal government and Tepco.



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