On the road to Fukushima… Citizen Testing

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Unterwegs nach Fukushima….
Nach längerer Pause melde ich mich zurück: In den kommenden Tagen drehen wir im havarierten Reaktorgelände in Fukushima. Im Vorfeld

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On the road to Fukushima…
After a long break I’m back: in the coming days, we turn in the Chernobyl reactor site in Fukushima. In advance, I’ve assembled a small Geiger counter with GPS function and tested.(I have attached a few pictures) The template is a Japanese Kit (SafeCast), which I’ve modified something. On the outbound flight, I have recorded the data and visualized with a small program. Here can be seen a lot: the flight route ran North and the radioactive pollution due to the missing shielding of the Earth’s atmosphere due to the height is increased. In the second phase of the flight we are moving to the South, and despite constant height decreases the activity. This effect has to do with the Earth’s magnetic field, because the radiation through the “funnel effect” of field lines is great on the Poland…
Our report aims to make us a picture of the situation after the reactor disaster of 2011. We are well prepared and have the – Very much rare – chance on the grounds in Fukushima-Daichi to turn.
In the coming days, I’m so Very much directly with some impressions. Currently, we are just south of the power station on the coast. This region is much less affected by radiation as the North-Western area, so a good place to stay. Tomorrow, we will visit A few “abandoned villages”. People in Japan are very nice and the trains are on time 😉
Cheers – with some jet lag…

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