Here is how the National Academies of Science understands Fukushima

For a sentence like this to escape through peer reviews has meaning, this is how real science is talking about the Fukushima industrial accident among their peers.

Page 50
“According to Casti, X-events pose an opportunity as well as a challenge.

For instance, those who survive an X-event are more resilient. X-events “clean out” social structures and processes that may have outlived their utility. While recovery can take a long while, the X-event can bring with it new opportunities. In the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear incident, the Japanese are seriously questioning old structures, in place since World War II, that overemphasize government-industry relationships and are no longer viable. In an even more extreme X-event example, the asteroid that extinguished the dinosaurs provided opportunities for other organisms to evolve—leading to humans’ presence on Earth today.”

Credits to  Richard Wood


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