Fukushima medical university states variety of diseases increasing in disaster area of Fukushima

October 7, 2014
Epidemiology professor, Ohira from Fukushima medical university stated variety of diseases are increasing in the former evacuation zone of Fukushima.
It’s 13 municipal areas. Prof. Ohira stated in the symposium held on 10/4/2014 that liver dysfunction and hypertension and other diseases are increasing among the local residents.
He anticipates myocardial infarction and cerebral apoplexy may increase from now and emphasized the importance to collect data on resident’s health conditions.

After Chernobyl, myocardial infarction was observed to rapidly increase due to Cs-134/137 accumulated in heart. However Fukushima medical university announces the increase of those diseases is caused by the life style of disaster victims, which is also the same as the former Soviet Union did.


Source: Fukushima Diary


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