North Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada – Debris Analysis

Friday, January 2, 2015

カナダBC州ノースバーナビー堆積物 BC North Burnaby Debris

試料 名 Sample: 堆積物 Debris
採取 場所 Origin:
BC州 ノースバーナビー
North Burnaby,  B.C. Canada
 Dehydrated  ↓
採取年月 Sampling date:
2014 11 月   (November, 2014)

測定日時 Date Tested :

2014 1210 日 (December 10, 2014)
測定時間 Duration : 57,600 (seconds)
試料容器 Container: 2 Lマリ ネリ容器(Marinelli)
試料重量 Sample weight: 502.2g
乾燥前 Before dehydration:  1380g
乾燥後 After dehydration: 710g

 (Citizen Radioactivity Measuring Station, Shinjyuku-Yoyogi)

with Germanium Detector

Be-7 = Beryllium 7
Tl-208 = Thallium 208
Bi-212 = Bismuth-212
Bi-214 = Bismith-214
Pb-212 = Lead-212
Pb-214 = Lead-214
Ac-228 = Actinium-228
U-235 = Uranium-235
Source:  Vancover Food Radiation Monitoring


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