4th Anniversary (draft) Fukushima letter to send to you local Japanese Consulate "For the Fukushima 4th Anniversary, letters to be addressed to PM Shinzo Abe, to all the Japanese Embassies and Consulates throughout the world:

This is a combination of a sample letter with the proper addressing to the PM and Consul, with proper signature.

Keep in mind that the letter should all fit on one page.

Mr.Shinzo Abe

Prime Minister

Mr. GreyBlue

Consul General, Boston

March 11,2015

Your Honor,

1. The NRA has authorized Tepco to dump all the contaminated water from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear Power Station into the Pacific Ocean. This will cause incalculable harm to marine and human life. The government must take a firm stand and forbid such destructive irresponsibility. We are aware that there are perfectly affordable and realizable options to store the contaminated water on or off site until effective water-purification measures or long term storage can be implemented. The costs of this action are far less than those that will be incurred from polluting the Pacific Ocean and its ecologies. Further, the Japanese government could suffer significant international opprobrium from such actions.

2. Families and children are being forced to live in contaminated areas in northeastern Japan. The International Radiation Protection recommends that no one live in contamination above 1 millisievert per year, but now children must live where the ambient radiation is up to 20 millisieverts per year. The government must compensate anyone or any family who wishes to

relocate from an area with ambient radiation exceeding 1 millisievert per year, and stop decontamination practices of highly-contaminated areas and use those funds for compensation. The government must focus on rebuilding lives, and not international reputation by seeking to return to the way it was before . 3. Please begin a robust food monitoring program for all Japanese citizens and restore realistic limits (5 bq/kg) on allowable radiation exposures, especially for Japanese children. 4. Stop the incineration of radioactive rubble and waste throughout Japan, a practice that does not destroy the radioactivity but rather disperses it into the air, incinerator ash and other solid waste. 5. The Cancer Registry Act, passed together with the Special Secrets Law, controls the information about cancer and non-cancer related cases. Public access to information concerning the effects on public health from radiation exposures from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident is strictly limited. Does the government think it can pretend that there’s been no impact at all? This law must be changed. The government can still require that all cancer cases are reported to the registry, but doctors and media must be free to disseminate all such information, excluding patients’ personal details, as they wish. 6. The new Secrets Protection Act makes it a criminal offense for journalists to “improperly investigate” anything designated as a secret, but what is “secret” is only vaguely defined. Neither the public nor journalists have proper guidelines to determine what is classified as secret! We are concerned that this law will be used to control information about radiation releases and conditions at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear station. The law must be changed to ensure full public access to all radiation and civilian nuclear-related information, or be repealed. 7. Protect independence, transparency and neutrality of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority, direct appointments should not be made, and staff should not have any connection with the nuclear industry. 8. Please keep all nuclear power plants shut down. They must be decommissioned. 9. Please do not export nuclear plants to other countries. Government and Industry have been promoting the export of nuclear plants, concluding agreements with Turkey and United Arab Emirates recently. Without having fully resolved problems at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, this is highly irresponsible.

10. Many advance industrial countries all over the world such as Germany finding that wind and solar power is more economical, safer, and cleaner than nuclear, are stopping nuclear choosing to develop renewable energy.

Mr JohnSmith



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