German Language Reports on continuing Contamination

German News organizations are also reporting on the continuing contamination reported in entry More Water Woes Tainted water leaking into sea from roof of Fukushima plant.

This is an international issue; German Reports confirm TEPCO “tepid” and slow in resolving leaks of highly radioactive water from the roof of the plant:
Alarm after the release of Radioactive Water:
Fukushima aktuell: Alarm nach Austritt von radioaktivem Wasser: [] by Jens Prol
Report notes TEPCO has known of problem since last April
Fukushima aktuell: Radioaktives Wasser sorgt weiterhin für Probleme: [] by Jens Prol
These reports tell that the
a; the Fukushima plant is still releasing highly radioactive contaminants into the ocean. and
b; the authorities at Fukushima are making a pretense of fixing problems.

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