Crowdfunding and recuperation programs for Fukushima children

Fukushima c’est eux Fukushima c’est nous
A group of parents who has been hosting children from Fukushima since summer 2012 are now organizing another round of crowd funding for summer 2015.
Details on their crown funding site.
Here is the information about the previous year’s achievement.

JCSシドニーレインボープロジェクト JCS Sydney Rainbow Project
Summer camp 2015 for children who lost parents/family members
詳細はこちら For donation details

FUKUSHIMA KIDS DOLPHIN CAMP 2015 フクシマドルフィンキャンプ2015 御蔵島
“Dear eARThist family,
Oak to all relations Tokyo would like to present 2015 Fukushima Kids Dolphin Camp in Mikura Island this summer for children to release their stress from radiation fear caused by 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami and give them an opportunity to play in the mother nature. And WE ARE COLLECTING DONATIONS!
See more at

Source:  Save Children From Radiation


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