Radiation and Baseball Dream

The high school baseball tournament in Fukushima Prefecture began today.
A former classmate of my son plays in it.
I remember that summer of 2011, my son was still at the 2nd year of college when he quarreled seriously with J, his best friend.

J was playing in a baseball club.
Trainings were happening outside.

Slips, dust …
My son was concerned for J risk of internal radiation by inhalation.

The year when my son took refuge alone in Sapporo, J came to visit me.
During our conversation, he apologized.

“Every time when we met, S (my son) insisted me to pay attention to radiation. It was because he cared for me … but I was tired. I told him to stop. Still, I knew it was because S was thinking of me …. “
“But if I was careful to radiation, I could not play baseball. To avoid it, I would have been forced to give up my dream … “
In saying this, J had some tears in his eyes.

Two years already.
This summer, this is the last high school baseball tournament for him.
I’d like to see his achievement.
Today his school won.
My son screamed with joy when I gave him the news.
I hope my son will have a chance to go to the tournament to show his support.

The radiation….
Currently there is an atmosphere of discomfort to use this word within Fukushima Prefecture.

The baseball exploits of the high school students from Fukushima Prefecture.
My support is for them.


Published: July 10, 2015 YOKOTA Asami, a resident of the city of Koriyama in Fukushima Prefecture.

Source : Nos Voisins Lointains 3.11



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