Third ceiling panel removed from Fukushima reactor

Workers at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant have removed half of the ceiling panels covering a damaged reactor building. The work is part of efforts to decommission the facility.

The No.1 reactor building was heavily damaged by a hydrogen explosion during the 2011 meltdown. Tokyo Electric Power Companyinstalled a cover around it to prevent the spread of radioactive material.

The utility is now removing the cover so it canclean up debris inside the facility. Two of the 6 ceiling panels that make up the cover were removed between late July and early August.

The utility then halted the work tomonitor radiation levels and check the conditions of the debris. Since no abnormalities were found, workers removed a 3rd panel on Tuesday using a remote-controlled crane.

TEPCO says there’s been no change in radiation levels around the reactor buildings. It says measurements taken before the work on Tuesday showed that wind blowing inside the cover was weaker than expected.

The utility plans to finish dismantling the cover by around late next year. 
Source: NHK


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