Iodine-131 detected from dried sewage sludge in Funabashi city of Chiba

From this May to June, Iodine-131 was measured from dried sewage sludge according to Funabashi city government of Chiba.

They collect the samples from 2 sewage plants in the city. This May, 38 Bq/Kg of Iodine-131 was measured from one of the plants. This June, 19 Bq/Kg of Iodine-131 was also detected from the other plant.
Cs-134/137 was also detected. 12 Bq/Kg of  Cs-137 was measured from the former sample. 91 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 was measured from the latter sample.
They don’t analyze other nuclides. Regarding this detection of Iodine-131, Funabashi city government has not made any comment.

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Source: Fukushima Daiichi


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