Dana Durnford Arrested and Charged with Two Counts of Criminal Harassment. Videos forceably removed from his BeautifulGirl Channel on Fukushima coverage.


A British Columbia man who posted a video calling for the death of scientists whose research shows the Fukushima nuclear accident is not destroying the Pacific has been charged with two counts of criminal harassment.
Dana Dumford Shortly after being arrested on listed claims of
two counts of two counts of criminal harassment

The charges were laid against Dana Durnford of Powell River shortly after he posted a video on YouTube defending the attack on Jay Cullen, a chemical oceanographer at the University of Victoria, and another researcher.

The Globe and Mail reported on Monday that Dr. Cullen, who co-ordinates a radioactivity monitoring network that includes researchers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, several Canadian universities and Health Canada, came under attack after reporting Fukushima radiation levels in the Pacific are extremely low.
In a video posted on Wednesday, Mr. Durnford, who was not named in the initial story, questioned the accuracy of that report.
“Now, if Jay Cullen was getting death threats, you know I’d be in jail, most likely, and so would a lot of other people. Yep. And so come get me. I’m right here,” Mr. Durnford said.
In a video posted on Thursday, he said he had just been charged, and that many of his past videos had been taken down.
“You can find my presentations … on YouTube. What is left of them. The night before, I was arrested and the next morning, yesterday morning, I was in court and I was charged with criminal harassment of nuclear industry PR people,” he said. “And one of those was from Woods Hole and the other one was from UVic, British Columbia, Canada.”
Contacted by e-mail, Mr. Durnford declined comment and threatened legal action “if you write anything about me.”
[end snip]


Those who know of Dana, know he comes with a great deal of passion and his fair share of controversy. This is neither here nor there at the moment, as the real issue is what is at stake for each and every personal journalist who has spent the hard yards and countless hours documenting and reporting this ongoing World crisis.
Over night, tens of videos were either removed or were made to be removed from his fukushima coverage channel.

The fact that he called out pro-nuclear cohort members seems to be the failing in his reporting attempts.

Donation pages and funds have been set up in order to help with the court and representation costs.

It is a reminder of how fine a line we all travel. Be careful folks.


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