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OK Fukushima and the TYPHOON… TEPCO releases large amounts of water.

Fukushima Update: (Japanese Email translation)

The most violent decade typhoon left a trail of devastation in Japan. In the damaged nuclear power plant in Fukushima even had verstrahltes water to be drained.

CNN reported in the afternoon (13 GMT clock) that there are 17 deaths from the typhoon Wipha in Tokyo.

A state government official of Oshima, a small island 120 km south of Tokyo announced that most of the inhabitants were killed because of heavy rain caused landslides and the rescue workers were not able to get help locally.

More than 500 international and domestic flights – both Narita and Haneda -. Had to be canceled and the railway ceased to express transport The Izu Peninsula near Tokyo was on 26 Typhoon of the season partly devastated. But here seven people died. To 50 other residents of the forces initially had no contact.

Machida in place in the west of Tokyo, a woman was swept away by the waters of a swollen river and drowned.

In the neighboring province of Tokyo Kanagawa engulfed a two little boys, they are so far missing. areas in the tsunami of 2011, the 26 taught Typhoon of the season in places new damage. Individual shelters where refugees still the disaster of 11 March 2011 dwell, were crushed.

A temple in ruins located near the Fukushima nuclear Minamisoma city burned down.

It was the worst typhoon since October 2004. At that time, nearly 100 people were killed in floods and landslides.

Due to the heavy rain again today, TEPCO had to empty water containers in the Pacific.

A hip press conference this had to be canceled at short notice to take precautions against the typhoon Wipha can.

Tepco therefore opened at nine catch basin that enclose hundreds of tanks for contaminated cooling water, the outflow valves.

In the pool more and more rainwater had accumulated as a result of the typhoon. Tepco stored in the tanks heavily verstrahltes water arising during cooling of the 2011 damaged by an earthquake and tsunami reactors. ‘s Fukushima nuclear ruins in the northeast also threatened because of the rain tanks with verstrahltem cooling water to overflow.

The repair teams inflated according to media reports from around the catch basin of rainwater tanks. The radiation exposure lie but below the limits stated by the operator Tepco.

Tepco also announced that it came in 56,000 households as a result of the rain to power outages. already Tepco the slow work as the water tanks on the fact returned yesterday that not enough workers were to be found. “Wipha” weakened on Wednesday afternoon (local time) in the north across the sea to a tropical low pressure system off.

He was previously raged with up to 80 kilometers per hour and wind speed near its center of up to 180 kilometers per hour on the east coast of Japan along the sea.

Nevertheless, already brewing the next together: San Francisco, which is just about Guam – which could this end, early next week take on Japan. mains wife Lisa Natterer