Self Help Guide to Depression

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Why this Book you may ask?

After following the Fukushima disaster, I have often thought what may help people during this time.

I put a T-Shirt that was advertising the fact that this dilemma is ongoing and a Global Crisis.

I figured I was helping. A post to me one day from a Japanese reader pointed out that I should not be trying to garner profits from a tragic event.

I thought about it, and realized the poster was right (even though it was not for profit).

I mentioned this to a friend of mine in Sydney, and he thought about what the impact at a personal level may be.

His name is Alfred. He is a Hypnotherapist and Councillor. Not a stage one, but dedicated to anti-smoking, weight loss and depression (amongst others).

He  pointed me to his book as an inspiration for Major or Clinical Depression (not the garden variety), indeed a ‘personal approach’, with our without medication; more of an understanding and self-care perspective.

It gives practical and wonderful common sense approaches, and I do recommend it.

Why? Well, it sells $19.99 in softback, and $39.99 in hardback. But as he is a personal friend and the Author, I can offer you the instant E-Book for only $9.95!

{NOTE: FROM AUTHOR}:Just note though that the book does not cover all kinds of depression – only Major Depression or Clinical Depression as sometimes referred to.

Here’s a little blurb:

“I have now researched and evaluated most of the current treatment available for depression and I’ve covered most of it.
From these I selected the ones I believe would be the most effective for you, keeping in mind that everyone is different and what suits one may not suit another.

  • You will learn what you can do to help yourself
  • You will learn more about depression so that you can become more objective about it
  • You will discover ways to lift you out of your current depression
  • You will learn about ways that have been proven to increase happiness
  • You will learn about the types of treatment available and
  • You will lift yourself out of your depression

So are you determined to break through your depression? Then you have finally reached the right place. Start your journey to happiness NOW … not tomorrow, not in 12 months’ time!
A little word of warning though; this book pulls no punches and tells it straight as an arrow.
Allow your mind to travel into the future when living becomes a joy again instead of the living death it has been. It will happen, believe me. I’ve been through the living death and woke up to a happier life.”

As you can see, there are many events right now that affect us and our moods;

World Health
Cyber Living

The list goes on;

Here is a wonderful book to delve into that may help the many who feel the pinch of the current world…

Thankyou Alfred.

ps: here is his web site and credentials:


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